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Buddhist for WorldPeace
Founders & Members


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This page will introduce the  founders of Buddhist for WorldPeace and Members.

Minute of the Initial Managing Committee's Meeting of the Buddhist for Worldpeace


The first meeting of the Initial Managing Committee of Buddhist For World Peace-Nepal (BFWP-Nepal) was on held July 13th, 2,003 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Suraj Shakya at the office complex of Lalit Mandap Travels & Tours (P.) Ltd., Jawalakhel at 6 PM.
Present during the meeting as shown in the photo above is:
Patron: Venerable Maitreya, Chief Advisor & International Director
1. President - Mr. Suraj Shakya.
2. Vice-President - Dr. Prem Raj Baidya.
3. General Secretary - Mr. Amogh Shakya.
4. Treasurer - Mr. Mahendra Lal Maharjan.
5. Co-treasurer - Mr. Sujit Shakya.
6. Member - Mr. Dharma Raj Shakya.
7. Member - Mr. Chandra Man Shakya.
8. Member - Mr. Suchitra Man Shakya.
9. Member - Mr. Raju Shakya.


Photo above:
1. Right - Mr. Suraj Shakya/President
2. Venerable Maitreya/Chief Advisor &
    International Director
3. Dr. Basanta Bidari, Chief Archaeologist for the 
    Lumbini Developement Trust
4. Mr. Amogh Shakya - General Secretary

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