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Buddhist for WorldPeace
Lumbini WorldPeace Hospital Project


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Lumbini WorldPeace Hospital Project

In honor of the urgent need for furthering world peace, improving health and poverty conditions around Lumbini, The Lumbini Peace Hospital Project has received it's incentive out of great respect for the teachings of the Buddha and the unfoldment of compassion and loving kindness.

This vision has been initiated by Venerable Maitreya, International Buddhist Meditation Temple of NewZealand and Buddhist For World Peace - Nepal for directing the development of the Lumbini WorldPeace Hospital.

The Lumbini Trust Development has promised available land for the project within Lumbini Garden.

Anyone from any country, regardless of faith, belief or religion are welcome to help support the Project.

Photos below show the area within the Lumbini Development Trust, that has been selected for building the Lumbini WorldPeace Hospital.




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