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Buddhist for WorldPeace
Our History


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Founders Page of Buddhist For WorldPeace Nepal.
Full-Moon Day July 13th, 2003.

05.jpgThis website has been set up by the Founders of Buddhist For WorldPeace, it's Patron, Trustees, Advisors and International Advisor's, and Consultants.

The Buddhist For WorldPeace Nepal,established by it's Founders on the auspicious full moon-day of Dharma Chakra Prawartan Divas (seven miracles in Buddha's life.) July 13th, 2003 in Nepal.

1. Prince Siddhartha enters his mother's (Queen Maya) womb.

2. Buddha left his father's palace.

3. The First Teaching of the Buddha are given at Sarnath.

4. Buddha started three long months of strict practice in one

5. Buddha demonstrated Pariharya

6. Buddha went to Trayatrinsha Bhuwan to preach tohis late mother.

7. Buddha organized the first assembly of monks.

The Patron and Founders of Buddhist for WorldPeace finalized it's
meeting for official registration with the government of Nepal and
voted the position of its members, which will be posted here with Venerable Maitreya of the International Buddhist Meditation Temple of New Zealand as Patron, Chief International Advisory and Consultant for the further development of BFWP and selected Mr. Sura Shakya of Nepal as it's first President.

Mr. Amogh Shakya was elected as the General Secretary and will keep Founding members and members of this form updated with events concerning the Buddhist For WorldPeace- Nepal and it's objectives.

We appreciate the good Karma that has brought us togather on this auspicious day of Lord Buddha, July 13th, 2003 to further bring Peace
to Our World and to further our practice and promotion of the Buddha Dharma for the benefit of all beings.

Venerable Maitreya - Patron, Chief Advisor and Director of International Development
Suraj Shakya - President
Dr. Prem Raj Baidya - Vice President
Amogh Shakya - General Secretary

Full-Moon Day July 13th, 2003.....

We invite you to become a part of the Buddhist for WordPeace today and our International project: Lumbini WorldPeace Hospital.

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